Reasons to use a Recruitment Media Planning Buying Service

Media PlanningShould you use a recruitment media planning and buying service or do undertake the task yourself? Buying the most effective Recruitment Advertising Media is of paramount importance to any recruiting company. Whilst planning, negotiating and buying job advertising can be a great learning experience, is it the best use of your time and resources?

Below are 8 compelling reasons you should consider working with a professional recruitment media planning and buying agency.

It costs nothing
You get professional help without incurring any additional costs. Media agencies receive an ‘agency only’ discount from the media owner; the website or publication where the recruitment advert will appear. You pay exactly the same amount for the advertising but the agency receives a small commission (usually 10-15%).

Professional experience
Professional media planning and buying agencies conduct this activity each working day. Specialist agencies provide unrivaled market and product knowledge. They can provide negotiate relevant solutions effectively with authority.

Negotiation influence
As media agencies are buying on behalf of multiple clients’ they can leverage this ‘buying power’ when negotiating individual contracts. Media agencies develop good relationships with media owners.

Independent advice
Sales people from job boards and publications can offer very valuable advice and recommendations. However, they are trying to persuade you to spend more of your budget on their products and services. An independent media planner can offer an objective, unbiased view of all media options.

Frees up your time for other priorities
If you leave the media planning and buying to the experts your time can be better employed more effectively elsewhere.

Removes Sales Hassles
All incoming sales calls can be referred to the media agency once appointed.

Simplifies accounting procedures
As the media agency handles all media bookings and invoices this removes the need for multiple invoices and contracts.

Benchmarking and regular reporting
How often do you hear from the website of publication once your advertising package has been agreed? A good media agency will ensure that results are tracked and objectives are being achieved or take

Of course you can conduct your own recruitment advertising planning and buying but why would you choose to do so?

If properly employed a media planner buyer can become an extension of your marketing operation. An effective media agency will drive efficiencies in your recruitment media advertising resulting in increasing ‘Return on Investment’ from you advertising budget.

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