Job boards are dead and the future of recruiting is social


Job boards are almost dead and the future of recruiting is social. A presentation given to Ethical Medicines Industry Group (EMIG) Human Resources Special Interest Group regarding the impact of Social Networking on the Future of Recruitment.

EMIG is the UK research-based trade association that represents the interests of small to medium-sized Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medtech companies (SMEs).

Reasons to use a Recruitment Media Planning Buying Service

Media PlanningShould you use a recruitment media planning and buying service or do undertake the task yourself? Buying the most effective Recruitment Advertising Media is of paramount importance to any recruiting company. Whilst planning, negotiating and buying job advertising can be a great learning experience, is it the best use of your time and resources?

Below are 8 compelling reasons you should consider working with a professional recruitment media planning and buying agency.

It costs nothing
You get professional help without incurring any additional costs. Media agencies receive an ‘agency only’ discount from the media owner; the website or publication where the recruitment advert will appear. You pay exactly the same amount for the advertising but the agency receives a small commission (usually 10-15%). Continue reading

Writing the perfect online job advert


It is important to consider how to write the perfect online job advert as this is the fundamental piece of marketing material for any recruiting company. Recruitment adverts are widespread on the internet and in many cases this is the first point of contact with prospective employees.
Although writing an online job advert is similar to writing a print advert, the structure and use of keywords is more important in attracting quality candidates to your vacancy in an online campaign.
Understanding how different job sites work and how they are used by job seekers will help you write an effective job ad.
Research shows that candidates reading a job advert online tend to read less of it than if they were reading it in an industry publication. It is therefore essential to be succinct.
The fundamental aspect that recruiters most often get wrong is the ad copy. Not enough time or effort is spent writing good job adverts and the evidence is clear on most job boards.

30% of recruiters use a job spec as an advert! Are you guilty?

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